I was first turned on to chakras last spring.  After a transformational experience on the Grand Canyon, a spaciousness opened up inside of me I’d never known before.

I then sought out a framework and personal tool to use on a motorcycle adventure for deepening and expanding that opening and rebuild my life.  It was my friend Peter who suggested chakras.  In my experience, it is an incredible way to do this.

There are 7 chakras that – if used properly – can assist you in rebuilding (or doing a makeover of) your life from earth to sky, soul to spirit, the pragmatic to the ethereal.

Because of the space and weight limitations imposed by doing this on a motorcycle, I narrowed my focus to three books – three resources to guide me for almost three months.  They include:

The Pursuit of Happiness: Integrating the Chakras For Complete Harmony – This is a short and concise book that makes a good entry point for the chakras.  Plus … it focuses on happiness!

The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body and Spirit Through the Chakras – This is the best workbook I could find for working with chakras.  Anodea takes you through a series of exercises – including journaling, visualizations, yoga, etc., for each chakra.

Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self – This is a fascinating book that makes the ancient chakra system accessible through a western lens.  Beautifully written, intricately detailed and imminently practical, this is my go-to reference.