Glaucoma Resources

Glaucoma is a disease that causes blindness quietly and over time.  Sometimes it is called “The Stealer of Light”.

If you have glaucoma, your highest priority should be finding a good doctor.

Support Groups

Yahoo’s Glaucoma group – This is a great group for getting information from other people that have learned to deal with glaucoma.  There is also a highly respected doctor who contributes to this group.

Online Visual Field Tests


These are the supplements suggested on the Yahoo Glaucoma Group:

  • 120 mg Gingkgo Biloba
  • 1200 mg curcumin
  • 100 mg resveratrol
  • 1-2 g fish oil (which gives a lot of people heartburn, so can take with food)


  • – is a great site for information on supplements. They test for purity and stated amount of active ingredient. However, they don’t report on country of origin. At least you can find out if the supplement has any contaminants in it.
  • – A recommended site for buying discounted prescription medications.  This site was recommended by a person on the Yahoo glaucoma forum.